Interview Basics

Prepared, Practiced and Positive!
Nail the 3 “P’s” and you will be on the right track. Let’s break it down:

• Know your résumé backwards and forwards
• Have sufficient copies of current resume and references.
• Be on time, professionally dressed and groomed.
• Have good questions that demonstrate your concern for their needs.
• Informed salary considerations in case it comes up.

• Elevator Pitch: ‘Tell me about yourself’ as it relates to the employer’s needs!
• Know your top 5 accomplishment stories and tell them contextually, concisely and confidently.
• Know how you will answer the most common interview questions.

• You are prequalified or you wouldn’t be here. Now is the time to show your personality, energy, enthusiasm.
• Connect with the interviewer.
• Observe the culture, and ask them: ‘how do people work together here?’
• If this is the job for you, let them know!
• Be grateful.