Resume Writing Tips A-Z E-Book


A-Z Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing Tips A-Z

Do you find yourself getting stuck when working on your resume? Suffering from writer’s block? Uncomfortable bragging about your accomplishments?
Are you frustrated your applications for jobs are not getting results? Do you feel invisible in the job market? Is there fierce job competition in your field?
You are not alone. You may be awesome at your profession, but communicating it in a resume may be harder than you thought.
♦ On average every corporate job opening attracts 250 applicants of which only 4 – 6 will be called in for an interview.
♦ 38% of all companies use ATS (Applicant tracking software) to screen resumes. The percentage of large companies using ATS is much higher.
♦ 63% of recruiters read cover letters from candidates who make it through the initial application screening.
In order to get to first base, your resume and cover letter must score highly in comparison to your competition and to meet the ATS criteria.
You have two options for producing a competitive job application package:
♦ Partner with a certified resume writer who has the experience and up-to-date best resume writing practices in her arsenal to create your documents for you.
♦ Create an awesome resume yourself by researching qualified resume writing resources online and in books published by certified resume writers and career experts.
Resume Writing Tips A-Z is a resource I created to help you accomplish writing your own powerful resume. If you have good writing skills, are adept at formatting attractive word processing documents, and have the time and desire to do the job well; apply the tips in this downloadable PDF document to guide you through the process.
If, when you complete the resume, you are still not confident using it to apply for jobs, you can forward it to for a free evaluation.

Resume Writing Tips A-Z

Download the E-Book for tips and best practices for creating a competitive and modern resume.