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60 activities you can do to improve your LinkedIn profile, expand your professional network, and attract recruiters.

LinkedIn 30 Day Challenge

With over 450 million members, LinkedIn is the de-facto social media platform used by candidates, employers, and recruiters. It’s the ‘Google’ for job search and talent search.
Like any social media platform, you have to work it to get results. It’s all about being found—having the right message, the right keywords, and a “complete profile”.
LinkedIn is chock full of wonderful avenues for connecting with people, networking, and establishing your professional brand. Leveraging LinkedIn to find your ideal job, and be found by your ideal employer is the smart and modern way job seekers network online and navigate job search.

LinkedIn Stats

♦ 25 million profiles are viewed every day—it’s the most popular activity by members.
♦ 32% of job seekers use LinkedIn.
♦ 42% update their profile regularly.
♦ 35% of members access the site daily.
♦ 1 million members have published posts on LinkedIn.

According to a JobVite survey:

♦ 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates.
♦ 95% of recruiters use LinkedIn to contact candidates.
♦ 93% use LinkedIn to “keep tabs on” potential candidates.
♦ 93% use LinkedIn to “vet candidates pre-interview” (vs. 32% on Facebook and 18% on Twitter).
♦ 92% posted jobs on LinkedIn (vs. 48% on Facebook and 39% on Twitter).

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Take the confusion out of how to use LinkedIn to get results. Download my 30 Day Challenge LinkedIn E-Book—you will get 60 activities to choose from and implement to leverage this powerful professional social media platform.
♦ Optimize your online professional network and increase job opportunities.
♦ Boost your online presence.
♦ Improve your LinkedIn profile.
♦ Connect with contacts, companies, recruiters, and hiring managers.
♦ Create Content—status updates and LinkedIn publishing.
♦ Get involved in groups.
♦ Give and get endorsements and recommendations.

LinkedIn 30 Day Challenge E-Book

Download the E-Book PDF for tips and specific activities you can implement to leverage your LinkedIn membership. Like a gym membership, you have to work it to get results.