Frequently Asked Questions by Resume Customers

1.)  Will you be the person writing my cover letter and resume, or do you subcontract?

I personally work with all my clients and create their career documents from scratch.  I do not use subcontractors or resume templates. I produce completely custom resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles for my clients to address their specific career goals.

2.)  Will I be able to speak with you directly or do you gather all your client information through forms or questionnaires?

I am always open to speaking with clients directly. About half my clients contact me by phone to inquire about my services. Some people contact me through my website or by email. Typically we discuss (on the phone or through email) the client’s future job aspirations and the process of working with me. I usually request a copy of an existing resume, and 2 or 3 examples of target job postings. After reviewing the candidate’s information, I provide a proposal and pricing.

3.) What if I don’t have an existing resume or my resume is old and outdated?

If the client does not have an existing resume, I provide an intake questionnaire in Microsoft Word, (or other format if required). The questionnaire is designed to gather essential information and to help clients recall relevant past accomplishments. In some cases clients will include job descriptions from their employers, and use the questionnaire to complete the accomplishment details. Note: to compete in the job market today, a resume MUST be more than a history of job duties performed…it must showcase performance!

4.) What is your pricing schedule?

The average price is $395 for a two page resume and cover letter. Executive level resumes are $495.00 and up. Please refer to the website pricing guideline: www.matchresumesandcareers.com/services-costs/. 

5.) Do you have samples of resumes to demonstrate your quality of work?

Yes, anonymous resume examples are available by request. Sample resumes were created for real clients of Match Resumes and Careers, and are specific to their situation. I do not use resume templates. Each resume is created from scratch and customized to best represent the client’s qualifications and value.

 6.) How long will it take you to complete a resume and cover letter?

Depending on existing client demand, typically the first draft resume is delivered within 3-5 days of receipt of payment and all requested information. Once the resume is finalized, the cover letter is developed for a specific job application. I do not recommend a generic cover letter (or resume). 

7.) Who should have a LinkedIn profile and why?

These days, all professionals should take advantage of the career benefits of joining LinkedIn and presenting their complete and strategic profile. There are compelling reasons to use this virtual professional networking platform. I encourage all my clients to be informed and participate if it makes sense for their career goals.

LinkedIn offers a free membership level which is adequate for many professionals. There is also a Premium level which may be a good option for those in job search mode, but not required. Below is a short list of the benefits for this excellent professional networking site:

  • Build your professional brand and network with other professionals virtually.
  • Be found by recruiters searching for talent. Recruiters often use LinkedIn’s advanced search capabilities to locate professional profile matches. 
  • Job applications screening—recruiters/employers frequently compare and verify information with the applicant’s LinkedIn profile.
  • Showcase your expertise by—joining groups and participating in online discussions; sharing resources and curating industry related news stories, online postings, and announcements; creating and publishing content to contribute value to your network while raising your credibility.
  • Find employment opportunities—Businesses commonly post job openings on LinkedIn. Follow target companies to keep abreast of their activities.

8.) Do you provide LinkedIn profile writing services?

Yes, I develop LinkedIn profiles for clients as an add-on service to the resume and cover letter for a discounted rate. I also offer LinkedIn profile development as a separate service.

9.) How is a LinkedIn profile different than a resume?

PURPOSE! A resume is designed to get the interview. A LinkedIn profile presents a professional brand and personality. The key elements of a LinkedIn profile are the photo (keep it professional); heading (your career title and specialties—not necessarily your current job title); and the Summary (your unique brand message—what value you bring to organizations). Following the heading and summary is the professional experience profile section. Unlike the concise resume format, your work history on LinkedIn can be more detailed and personalized. It provides the reader with more depth and context about your career progression.   

Education, Volunteer Experience, Skills, and Recommendations follow to complete the LinkedIn profile basics.

10.) Why should I hire a professional resume writer instead of writing my own resume or asking a friend or relative to help?

EXPERTISE! All professionals develop areas of expertise specific to their career experience, knowledge, and training. EFFECTIVE resume writing is a skill that usually requires specific experience, knowledge, and training. Two of the leading national resume writing associations, NRWA, PARW/CC, provide training and certification to accomplished writers who successfully complete rigorous training and pass an industry skills based test. 

Candidates typically obtain new employment faster with a professional resume resulting in better paying jobs and/or shortened periods of wage loss and/or unemployment compensation.

For more answers to your questions contact me directly. Consultations are always welcome and FREE!