Advanced Level Careers

Powerful, performance based resumes to communicate a strong personal brand; and showcase executive level contributions.

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Mid-Level Careers

Career progression themed resumes highlighting consistent advancement, distinctive value, and measurable accomplishments.

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Entry-Level Careers

Succinct resume format highlighting transferable skills, education, and evidence of potential value to organization.

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A resume crafted by a professional writer will showcase your brand and qualifications and impress the recruiters you want to reach. Whether you are an executive with over 20 years of progressive success, or you are just beginning your professional career, your resume and online profile impact your job opportunities and the time it takes to hear the words…”we’d like to offer you the job.”

How will a professional resume benefit me?

  •  A professional resume clearly demonstrates your unique value and gets the hiring manager’s attention, giving you an edge on the competition.
  • More interview invitations: Applicant tracking software used by employers to screen resumes submitted online will prioritize your keyword-optimized and targeted resume increasing your chances for interviews.
  • Hidden job opportunities: many of the best jobs are never advertised. Rather, they are filled through networking and referrals. When you get a referral from a contact in your network, you will be ready to respond confidently with your up-to-date professional resume.
  • Prepared for interviews: Relevant past accomplishments woven through your resume will be the key talking points during interviews. Enticing bullet points will inspire the interviewer to ask you to provide more detail. Here is your chance to shine and exude confidence talking about your past successes and the value to bring to your employer.
  • In many cases, your resume is the very first impression a prospective employer gets from you. Is it visually appealing, well organized, correctly spelled, and relevant to the job description? Hiring managers have a personal stake in candidate selection. They are more likely to invite candidates for interviews based on an impressive resume.

Why should I work with a professional resume writing service?

  • Professional career documents have multiple essential characteristics. They are technical, personal, professional, and promotional.
  • The candidate's unique value, relevant experience, strengths, skills, and compelling accomplishments are presented clearly and concisely to grab the reader's attention within the first few seconds.
  • Professional resume writing services utilize marketing methodology that sells the features and benefits of the candidate, communicating to the reader what you can do for them. Incorporating specific design principles for visual appearance and content organization helps to keep the reader's attention and catch the key points quickly. 
  • Creating compelling and effective career documents for the highly competitive job market is a skill that is learned, developed, and practiced by professional careerists. If you are stressed about writing your own resume, not sure how to express your accomplishments succinctly and powerfully, or you want to fast track the job search and get more interviews, then partnering with a professional resume writer is a good choice.
  • Candidates who work with an experienced and certified professional resume writer can expect to accelerate their job search and often secure better compensation offers.

What is a professional resume writing certification?

There are two leading professional associations with headquarters in the US: PARW/CC (Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches), and NRWA (National Resume Writers Association). Both organizations offer their membership comprehensive education, courses, conferences, and certification programs. 

All resumes produced for Match Resumes and Careers' clients are custom designed and written by Deborah Olson, CPRW, (Certified Professional Resume Writer, by PARW/CC).

Certified Professional Resume Writer CPRW



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